Second workshop Quality of Models
and Models of Quality QMMQ

in conjunction with the
34th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER2015)

to be held in Stockholm, Sweden. from 19-22 October 2015

Co-organizers :
Samira Sisaid Cherfi
CEDRIC Research Laboratory
Conservatoire National des Arts
et Métiers (CNAM), France
Email :
Oscar Pastor
Head of Dept. at the Computation
and Information Systems Department
Valencia University of Technology ( Spain)
Email : Oscar Pastor
Charlotte Hug
Université Paris 1 Panthéon

Summary of the Workshop

The QMMQ workshop intends to provide a space for fruitful exchanges involving both researchers and practitioners having a variety of interests such as: data quality, information quality, system quality as well as models, methods, processes and tools for managing quality. The aim of the workshop is twofold. Firstly, to provide an opportunity for researchers and industry developers working on various aspects of information systems quality to exchange research ideas and results and discuss them. Secondly, to promote research on information systems and conceptual model quality to the broader conceptual modeling research community attending the ER conference.

Research on quality focuses on theoretical aspects including quality definition and/or quality models but needs more contributions based on experimentation to provide empirical evidences of successful IS design. Empirical Software Engineering techniques and protocols should be followed in conceptual modeling to provide reliable and useful results to assess IS quality.

The workshop we propose continues a tradition of quality-focused workshops at the ER conferences, that started with the International Workshops on Conceptual Modeling Quality (IWCMQ2002 at ER 2002 Tampere, IWCMQ2003 at ER 2003 Chicago) and was picked up again by the International Workshops on Quality of Information Systems (QoIS2005 at ER 2005 Klagenfurt, QoIS2006 at ER 2006 Tucson, QoIS2007 at ER2007 Auckland, QoIS'09 Gramado. A material result of these workshops was the Data & Knowledge Engineering special issue on conceptual model quality in late 2005 (Vol 55, No 3).


The workshop is not restricted to particular research methods and we will consider both conceptual and empirical research, as well as novel applications. Particular topics of interest related to IS and CM quality include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality constructs, models and ontologies
  • Quality measures and instruments
  • Experiments for validating quality models, measures and instruments
  • Methodological issues of research on IS quality
  • Method and tool support for improving and monitoring quality
  • Quality of requirements engineering artifacts and processes
  • Quality of models and meta-models
  • Quality of ontologies and reference models
  • Data quality
  • Big data quality
  • Quality modeling languages
  • Ontological analysis of conceptual modeling grammars
  • Cost/benefit analysis of quality assurance processes
  • Quality assurance practices : case studies and experiences
  • Experiments and case studies on quality evaluation.


Proceedings of all ER workshops will be published as a single volume of Springer LNCS to be distributed at the ER 2015 conference. All the workshop papers should be limited to no more than 10 pages in LNCS format.